Terms and Conditions

  1. Guests are responsible for covering the cost of transportation to and from the location where they will be picked up.


  1. 100% of the entire cost of the package must be paid in full upon arrival before the journey may begin.


  1. The price is calculated based on the expenditures that the firm incurs for things like food, transportation, lodging, employees, gear, and equipment. If you have any preferences over these, you will need to contact the person in charge three days before the journey. Depending on what your preferences are, the overall cost of the package will either rise or reduce.


  1. The firm or any of its personnel are in no way liable for your personal possessions, regardless of the circumstances.


  1. You will not be provided with any more meals or food products in addition to those that are included in the kitchen budget; in the event that you have specific dietary requirements, you will be responsible for transporting your own food items.


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