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About Us

13 Years of Experience

We had started our operations  In 2010. The Trekventure became the most successful trekking business in the Himalayas in India. We have more than a decade of experience between us and are experts in guiding treks, climbing excursions, cycling trips, and other types of adventurous activities. Throughout the Indian states of  Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, we lead peak climbing and trekking adventures. Our local staff of certified and experienced guides, trek/expedition leaders, and chefs are well-known for their hard work in the mountains because of their dedication to their jobs. We have begun arranging hikes and climbing expeditions recently. We are the local authority when it comes to organizing Himalayan tours over the whole of the Indian Himalayas.

Why Choose

Trek Venture

Trustworthy Travel Companion

We have been India's most dependable trekking tour organizer from the past 13years.


Because we value the trip experience we include enjoyable experiences in all of our excursions.

Worth the money

Trek Ventures offers tours at affordable prices with higher than average service levels.


We provide a variety of travel and trip packages in India including both popular and uncommon locations.

Highly effective leaders

We provide our trekkers with the greatest information, top-notch care, and the best crew possible.


We prepare delicious meals that are healthy for our trekkers which will help them to maintain fitness.

We Offer Corporate & Students Discount

Reach out to us to know the best price for bulk entries.

Meet With Our

Experience Team

Deepak Singh

Founder & CEO

Our founder Mr. Deepak Singh is a nature lover with a restless spirit and a passion for the outdoors. Trek Venture is devoting a significant amount of effort towards its further expansion. He had long harboured the desire to share the splendour of the Himalayas with others. Because of this, he decided to study about mountains and how to climb them once he graduated from high school.

He is a skilled mountaineer in addition to being an adventurer and businessman. The only thing he had ever been passionate about doing in his life was exploring new places. This ardent traveller is originally from Osla, and he began his journeys across the world while he was still a little lad. He began by going on trips to local locations with members of his family and friends.


Anoj Singh

Co-founder & CEO

Anoj Singh is an avid hiker and mountain climber who enjoys exploring the Himalayas whenever he gets the chance. He had a goal for his life, and that goal was to become the most accomplished mountain climber in India. He had acquired a love for adventuring in the region around Osla, where he grew up, at a very early age. Because of this, the concept of Trek Venture, which documents new paths and trails, came into being.

He has a deep passion for mountain climbing, and he is constantly open to gaining new knowledge from his travels. His objective is to bring about a new experience of human existence, one that is completely liberated from unwelcome ideas and open to participating in the process of life’s transformation.